Milestones! I don’t need no stinking milestones! Okay. Okay. Bad movie references aside. Hi, I’m Doug Barra. And in today’s episode of business success, we’re going to unearth the power of milestones in planning for your business growth and what they mean in terms of your business success for your small business.

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So what are milestones? Well, I actually did some research, and milestones date back to the Roman empire, where they were actual stones placed on the roads so that they could mark the distance that they had traveled. And this is really about what milestones are for.

Milestones mark our distance. They create clarity in how far we’ve gone. So in your business planning, a milestone allows you to see and measure how far you’ve come along your plan, right? So as you create a plan for your business growth, then you would have milestones that when you reach that milestone, you know, you’ve gone a certain distance, right? Just like if you’re out walking in a path, if you know where the different points are along that path, or you’re on the road to go down to the town and all you can see is the road ahead of you.

Milestones help you understand how close you’re getting to that goal. And that’s what milestones are really all about. Now, when we’re creating milestones, it’s easiest to create milestones looking from the future back. What? Yes. If you think about climbing a mountain, all right. If I walk up to the bottom of a mountain and I look up. That mountain looks pretty daunting, but if I’m standing at the top of the mountain looking down, my path to get here is pretty clear. So you want to actually stand in the future and place your milestones so that you have clarity about where you want to go and how you can get there.

It’s by achieving the milestones that you get the clarity about how far you’ve come. Because remember, in some of the other videos that I’ve talked about, we can only move what we measure and the milestones help us measure how far we’ve come. So when we know where we are along our journey, we can then manage the fulfillment of our journey.

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