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We’re moving from the information age to the imagination age

Coffee with Jody - Episode #10

Today, I actually want to speak with you about something that’s been on my mind…

Where our outer-lives have been getting better and better and better – we’ve got all kinds of technology that’s improving health and any manner of things to make our lives easier.

However, the inner-life for many people has been suffering. As technology has grown exponentially, many people’s inner-lives have been suffering.

How do we deal with that? For the most part, as a society, drinking, drugs, horrific debt, obesity. Forget about the addiction to our smartphones, I won’t even go into that.

But, there is this inner-life that’s been suffering. And, as I think about, the information age provided a lot. But, we’re moving from the Information Age, actually into the imagination age. And, the imagination age requires things like discernment, focus, creativity.

I recently read Daniel Pink’s “A Whole New Mind.” He wrote that in 2005. Clearly, he’s a Futurist, because everything he wrote about then, is happening right now.

And, as we move into this Imagination Age, we as business owners are going to have to begin to be mindful of the environments we create for ourselves, and for our team, so that we’re not bumping up against technology, and exhaustion, and don’t even have the energy to play in this new Imagination Age.

More on this to come…

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Jody JohnsonWe’re moving from the information age to the imagination age

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