Overnight success. Is it real? Find out next.

Hi, Doug Barra with ActionCOACH Business Coaching. I’m going to talk to you about this concept of overnight success, doubling your business overnight. Most people who you think are overnight successes had 10 years of hard work before they got to that overnight success. Typically it takes seven to 10 years to build a strong, successful business, and this is the thing that most people don’t really understand. There is a process to it. You have to take your business through certain levels so that you can properly structure it, to be able to have the growth that you want.

This is why it looks like people have overnight success because most people don’t see much in the beginning because the curve is kind of like this and then it starts to go and then suddenly it starts to go off. So it looks like there’s massive success all at once, but the reality is there was a whole lot of preparation and prep work that went in to getting to that point where we can suddenly start to go up. You have to make sure that you have the steps in place.

You have to have that foundation in place. You have to have the marketing in place. You have to have the systems in place. You have to have the team in place, all have to be put in, in the right order at the right time so that you can then grow the business. Because people who don’t follow those structures, they might get lucky. But the chances are, they will either have massive amounts of struggle and strife, or they’re going to grow a business that will then collapse because the foundation wasn’t sturdy.

Think about building a business. If you don’t have a sturdy, building. If you don’t have a sturdy foundation under that building. It’s going to collapse. Your business is the same thing. If you don’t have a sturdy foundation under the business, it’s going to collapse. So you want to make sure that your foundation is stable first.

Now, I don’t mean that you go in and you build all kinds of systems and invest all kinds of money. You have to be making sales at the beginning as well. We can’t focus totally on sales and then not be able to deliver because that wouldn’t give us a consistency to the clientele or the customers that allows them to want to come back. So we have to have that balance inside of the building of the foundation that gives us a solid foundation to build on.

Only once we have that solid foundation of stability and the ability to create a consistent delivery of our product or service only then can we then go, okay, now let’s focus on marketing. Not that we didn’t do marketing back there. We only focused on it enough to make sure that we got a consistent clientele. We got a consistent delivery. Then we start to focus on the marketing and starting to build the marketing and measure the marketing and understand the marketing so that we can then start to build the cash flow.

Once we start building that cash flow, then we can start to focus on our systems and building the systems in place, making sure that everything is systematized because ultimately systems run a business, not people, and if the systems run that business, then we have plenty of time to focus on building our people and making sure that our team can run our business as well. If not better than we do.

These are the steps that you have to go through to be able to build your business. So I hope you got some real value out of listening to me today. There’s a link below. If you’d like to find out how you might be able to interact with us, get some more information about what I just talked to you about.

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