At the Business Excellence Forum we also had the good fortune of being with a mentor. He’s become a great friend and is a brilliant hero in our world, Paul Dunn.

As many times as I’ve seen Paul speak, he just keeps getting more and more enthusiastic, getting better and better at delivering. Why? Because the message that he’s bringing is the huge power of small business to make a profound difference!

We’ve been members of his organization, his organization, Masami’s organization, B1G1, for going on three years, and every time that I get to go and do a giving impact, I get so excited and inspired. And, when we give these to, whether it’s a new client, or as an acknowledgement for someone’s birthday, that is a client or a friend, or as gifts they get moved!

And, the joy that’s present, in the giving, is like nothing else, there’s no guilt, there’s just joy. And so, this room of 500 people come flooding out to sign up for B1G1, and I guess the impact of that, and how being a part of something like this, is a tribe of giver’s. It’s just amazing!

So, if you want to learn more about it, go to and check it out, because it’ll make you happy!

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