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Today in coffee with Jody, I would love to talk with you about the use of profiles and why I’m such a strong believer in the use of profiles.

When we bring on a new client, the first thing we do is have them go through a series of profiling tools. And today I want to go, kind of high level, on what they are and why we use them. And, then there’ll be subsequent videos on each separate one.

So, when I bring in a new client to the firm, I need to know how they’re wired. So I may be looking to take you to Paris and, meanwhile, you need to go to Rio, based on the way that you’re different from the way I am, or even the way your industry is.

We use a number of different profiling tools starting with StrengthsFinder(r) which is – what is your natural wiring, what you were born with. I have a niece who has competition as a strength, and that little girl was born with competition as a strength. You could tell when she was 18 months old, and she was going “No, not him, me,” that she had that. So, we need to know what is your natural wiring and then how to develop that into strengths that fall into four different domains of: execution, relationship building, strategic thinking and influencing.

We also use DiSC. And, DiSC is – what is your natural behavioral profile. What is you’re thrown way of being. And then, how can you be counted on to behave in the workplace.

We use Workplace Motivators. There are seven different workplace motivators, so, if you’re thinking that you’re going to motivate you or your team with money, but, meanwhile, you’re motivated by learning – it’s not going to fit, and it won’t actually do the job.

We also use WealthDynamics. And, WealthDynamics is a profiling tool that is how will you, naturally in your flow, generate wealth. There are two, very, very different sides. One is more process oriented and one is more people oriented. And, if you’re a people oriented one trying to do a process oriented business, we can modify that, or bring in the right person to compliment you. So, it’s important in recruitment. It’s important in training and development. It’s also important in the business model.

So, yeah, we use profiling tools and we’re strong believers in profiling tools so that it points us in: how are you going to be most successful with the greatest amount of ease. And, who do you need to have around you.

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