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Jody Ann Johnson here with the 66th episode of “Coffee with Jody”. 

As I was considering the theme for this month, I looked up anniversaries and special events in the month of February. The obvious one is Valentine’s day, the Super Bowl and it’s going to be national pet day, national banana bread day, national tortilla day. I mean, it was hilarious. 

 Anyway, we’re going to focus this month on profiles! Profiling and how you use profiling in your recruitment, your retention, and development plans to have the most engagedhappy and productive teams. 

As I was mentioning, we use profiling tools in the recruitment, the retention, and training and development pathways for team members, both in our firm and with our clients. I’m going to tell you what the profiles are that we use and then with each subsequent video, I’m going to go into greater depth with them, how to use them, why they’re important.  

We use the DISC Profile, which is behavioral. The DISC Profile tells you how to be most effective in your communication with others, how to understand what profile they have, how to sell to them, how to influence them, how to be effective with them, and also what your predominant style is.   

We’re not looking for people to go, “Oh, that’s me take it or leave it”. No, it’s like, who do I need to be at this moment to be effective in my communication with the person I’m talking to.  

The next one we use is the Workplace MotivatorThe Workplace Motivator is an assessment of the seven different ways that people are motivated in the workplace. Everyone thinks it’s money. It’s not. Some people think, Oh, it’s recognition. It’s not that either. There are seven different ones. And if you know what’s motivating this team member, you can be specific and appropriate with that person, when you understand what’s motivating them 

The next one is the Gallup StrengthsFinder. I love the #StrengthsFinder. I just think it’s one of the most valuable assessments, (even though it’s probably one of the lesser in terms of dollars and cents investments) because it’s about your natural talents those you were born with. And if you develop capacities inside of those natural talents, that’s where your genius lives.  

People tend to be seduced by trying to get better at what they’re not very good at. However, the return on that effort is somewhere between 10 and 15%, no matter how much time, attention, energy, and money you invest. When you invest in a natural talent on the other hand, you have unlimited capacity to develop it as I said into genius. 

The next one is Wealth and Talent Dynamics. These are the ways that people most naturally add value to an organization. The way that they will most naturally develop their talents and then ultimately their wealth.  There are eight different profiles. And when you know the profile that’s best suited for a particular role in your company, you can go out and seek someone that’s got that profile. That’s a very important thing in artfully filling a role. And then knowing how are you going to be personally in your flow; because when we’re in our flow, it’s easy. When we’re out of our flow of struggle and strife.  

The last one is How to Fascinate. This is Sally Hogshead’s a profiling toolThis profile is about how other people see you. What is it about you that attracts and magnetizes people to you? You can then develop your own personal brand around that. You can also get that profile for your company’s brand and learn how you create a constellation on the team able to deliver on every aspect of what needs to happen in your company and how to recruit for that. 

So those are the profiles we’re going to be talking about, and we’ll go into much greater depth in them over the next several videosAnd then at the end, we’ll wrap it up and cover how they all dance together. 

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Bye for now. 

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