Shameless selling. You love your company. You believe in your products. Why wouldn’t you always be telling people about it?

What is shameless selling?

Now, shameless selling does not mean becoming a “Product Pusher”. That kind of selling involves only talking about your products and nothing else. Can you imagine walking into your class reunion and only talking about your new line of plumbing supplies? Your former classmates would probably look at you funny before running away as fast as possible. That is not a business development strategy any business should adopt.

But, what if one of those old classmates started talking about the problems she is having with her current home’s plumbing? You know that one of your new products might solve her problem. That is the perfect time to mention it and tell her to give you a call. You do not need to hide the fact that you are in business. It is just a matter of finding the right context to talk about it.

That is shameless selling.

How can you start shameless selling?

You want to give potential clients the ability to recognize your company. Wear your pride and love for your company on your shirt. Display it on your portfolio. Put it on your business cards. When people see your logo, they will ask you about it. That gives you an opening to tell them how your products or services help people. This can spark a conversation about a problem the other person is having and how your product might be a solution.

As a business coach, I get to meet a lot of people. I am always asking them about the business they are in. Once I get an idea of what their company does, I start asking questions about it. This seems to spark their curiosity and they want to know why I am so curious. This sparks another conversation about how I work with my business clients. My curiosity is actually natural to me, but it is another way to sell my business shamelessly.

Selling your business is part and parcel of being an entrepreneur. But, doing the hard sell constantly is not going to do your business any favors. Give people the opportunity to learn more about what you do instead. That is a business development strategy that will open up new avenues.

How can you shamelessly sell your company?

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