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Motivating employees in the summer is always a difficult task. Inherently we associate the summer season with fresh air, sunshine and most importantly time off- our sense of childhood does not leave us as adults. Because of this productivity drops 20% during the summer months and workers are 45% more distracted.

However since the workload does not drop off, here are some tips on how to counteract the summertime blues and keep employees happy and engaged:

  1. Empathize With Employees: People are ready for a break after the winter. The warm weather enables them to be outdoors, spending time with their kids, and connecting with their families. Empathize with this desire, maybe create a special summer schedule like Summer Friday’s where employees can leave work an hour early to be with their families
  2. Encourage Vacations: When employees feel overworked and underappreciated their work suffers. Encourage them to take time off to relieve stress, regain energy, and clear their minds. Team members who know they’re taken care of will care of you and the business in return. 40% of workers feel more productive and better about their job after returning from vacation
  3. Schedule Team Events- Bring a sense of summer fun into the office. An outdoor BBQ with your entire team and their families is a great way to engage everyone and connect with them outside of the office.
  4. Use Your Resources- If your company has a tight budget organize a potluck at the office or schedule summer yoga classes and use space in your office instead of renting a studio
  5. Talk With Members of the Team- Communication is key. While employee events are great morale boosters, you must be able to trust your team to be able to execute their work efficiently the next day

For more tips on how to motivate your employees in the summer see the following link-

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