We hired Jody three years ago in helping us overcome the setback we experienced from the recession. This included helping us restructure our business and shift our strategic direction.

The experience has been amazing! Jody has worked with us side by side to transform our business and turn it around. She helped us to get a handle on and better understand cashflow and create a strategic plan. One of the most important things was helping us to understand that our job as owners is to grow the business and to grow our team members which freed up our time as the owners from estimating late into the night by creating an estimating department so we can focus on training and developing our team and system as well as business development. We also created an accounting department that has given us the numbers so we can truly understand the profitability and margins on our products, this helped us adjust our pricing to reach our target margins and at the same time remain competitive.

Our revenues have increased by 194% in three years. Profit just under 219% while created 20 new jobs for people in our community of which we are very proud. I’d also like to add that the biggest payoff was to not only establish a great working relationship with Jody but to establish a friendship that will last a lifetime.

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