The reason Eric’s Outboard hired a business coach was that our business was expanding at such a rapid rate and we could not get a handle on navigating the expansion.

Our coaching experience has been truly transformative. Although there have been people on our team that have been resistance to this endeavor, the results we produced speak for themselves. Through this experience I have been introduced to such phenomenal speakers and leaders in the business community. The ideas and knowledge gained in the last 18 months have been life changing. The relationship I have developed with our business coach; I believe will be a lifelong friendship.

The payoff from our business coaching experience has been tremendous. I now have clarity around our margins, discounting, inventory and the importance of having the right team members in place. We have created systems and implemented them which has streamlined our business processes. Multiple jobs have been created and we are providing a career ladder through employee training. Our revenue growth from 2014 to 2015 was an increased by 50% and our profit increased by 436%. We created a culture by design that attracts potential employees and Yamaha USA has taken notice and commended us for being a model dealership in our industry.

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