Want to be a business success? Want to have a business that brings you joy and freedom? Let’s discover how my experience with my coaches could benefit you and your business. Hi, I’m Doug Barra. In this video, I will outline some of the major benefits that I have gotten from working with my coaches over the last 38 years that I’ve been in business.

First, I want to discuss the difference between a business coach and a life or executive coach, but it’s important to understand some key differences between business coaching and executive or life coaching. Business Coaching focuses on the business. The main goal of business coaching is to grow the business, to create growth in the revenues and profits of the business.  Executive coaching is more feeling-based and will have a greater focus on your life and your position in the organization. Life coaching is all feeling-based and focuses on you achieving things in your life. All of these are useful.

In fact, an executive coach will also do life coaching since how you are will affect your role in the organization. Even a business coach like me will do some life coaching. I’ve even been known to do some marriage counseling. No, I’m not a professional at that. It just comes up sometimes inside of the business. I have had all kinds of coaches in my life, and the ones that made the most difference for me were my business coaches.

Yes, I did say coaches. Remember I said that I’ve been in business for 38 years. Well, actually, I said over the last 38 years, there were actually seven years in there that I was working for a big corporation. So I was actually in business for 31 years. Some of my coaches were really mentors. People that had been where I wanted to go and were happy to help guide me along my path. This was invaluable to me. I would never have made it to the place I am without their guidance.

When I started my business coaching firm 16 years ago, I immediately hired a business coach because, as a coach, I really understood the value of having someone who is not in the business, guide me. You can think of it as when I am working in my business. It’s like I’m walking through a dense forest of trees. Sometimes I’m on a path, and sometimes the path disappears.

My coach is in a viewing tower where they can see a much clearer picture of the overall forest and can tell me the best path to take or what direction to go to get to the path. Without the business coach, I would be lost in the forest. My business has been very complex, and there are so many things to do that it is easy for me to get off track with my business goals.

It’s very easy when you’re doing business with people every day to get into all sorts of conversations about their personal lives or about problems they have at home. And then bang. We’re no longer talking business. We’re talking about feelings and human interactions. This may seem good to you. Still, for me, as a business coach who understands business goals, not emotional or social, it isn’t helpful because it can lead us away from our business goal instead of toward it.

Often people will say to me; you’re a business coach. Why do you need a coach? The answer is that I am a business owner just like you. And I’m going to get caught up in the minutia, just like you. My business coach keeps me on track. They provide guidance when I need it. They encourage me when I need it. And a strong push when I need that. They are someone who I can bounce ideas off of or that I can blow off steam with. I can’t imagine running my business without a coach. I look at it like I’m a top athlete or performer. I am a top business professional, and having that outside party to hold me accountable, to push me further than I would go my own, to shine the light when I’m in the dark, that’s the key.

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With 14 years of experience in working with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow, Doug is committed to seeing business owners thrive. Business coaching is what drives Doug.

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