Hello everybody! In this 59th episode of Coffee with Jody. I’m going to be sharing with you the impact of LEAN Principles on employee engagement in your professional services business.  

As a certified engagement coach, I’ve worked with lots of organizations and teams, including my own, on developing their vision, their purpose, their strategy, and their objectives. One of the tools I find very exciting is the application of LEAN Principles to professional services organizations. 

I’m constantly amazed at how the application of these principles within your organization leads to the highest levels of employee engagement and innovation. I always say the best ideas come from the people “Doing The Doing.” As we launch powerfully into this New Year with the eight LEAN Principles, we will invest this month in deepening our understanding and implementing these principles in your organization so that you drive incredible levels of success. 

The LEAN principles are: 

  1. Continuous improvement 
  1. Optimizing the whole  
  1. Eliminating waste 
  1. Building quality in  
  1. Fast delivery 
  1. Creating knowledge,  
  1. Differing irreversible decisions  
  1. Respecting people.  

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About the author,

With 14 years of experience in working with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow, Doug is committed to seeing business owners thrive. Business coaching is what drives Doug.

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