Hi, everybody. Welcome to the 50th episode of coffee with Jody. Today I’m going to talk with you a little bit about the importance of before and after, in this episode. So the before and after that I’m referring to is the before and after videos, when you go about making an improvement, one of the things that we’ve seen that’s made the biggest difference for us is when we’re seeing before and after videos, whether it’s at Paul Akers, fast cap company, or other companies that have been embracing two second lean around the world, when you look at how it was, and then how it is now that those improvements have been made, the contrast is what really impacts me. I believe others as well.  

The visual of it gets in and it’s like, Oh wow. I get it. If you’re a visual learner and most of us are, then you almost don’t even need to articulate it. It just becomes an intuitiveness about why I would want to do that? Because the contrast is so great, and the ease is so apparent in the video that we watched this morning from a panel of people that were embracing two second LEAN, anywhere from 10 months to a couple of years. When Paul Akers asked them, you know, is there anything you would do differently? Now? Almost all of them said that they wished that they had more before pictures to contrast with the changes and that they had done those before and after videos so that they shared it throughout their team.  

We have a small team now, but some of these guys had 100 people or 900 people in different locations that when you share a before and after picture it gets people inspired and enrolls them, and what could be if they took this on and the ease of doing it on an iPhone or your smartphone, whether you have a selfie stick or somebody kind of following you around and talking about it, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It can just be, Hey, I’m capturing this, and I think that’s the beauty of Paul Aker’s approach to LEAN in his Two Second LEAN book, and Banishing Sloppiness. It can be goofy. It doesn’t have to be slick. It should be fun, and so you see the excitement in people as they’re making improvements and practicing Kaizen, the constant and never ending improvement of a process or of a production, and then sharing that. And it’s the videos I’ve seen so many videos where it’s like, of course, just of course.  

We’re going to show you some of our before and after videos, some from my office and some from Doug’s.

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