“I Have a Dream,” is one of the most widely recognized speeches of all time, and today the world commemorates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., one of history’s most influential advocates for peace, equality, justice and civil rights. Dr. King recognized the power of casting a vision, a clear and compelling future to live into and its ability to organize people into action on behalf of that dream. While there is still a long way to go a lot of ground has been taken and what still needs to be addressed is being brought to the surface to be understood and healed.  

In the business world there are important lessons here for us to embrace firstly the power of a clear vision that calls people into action, and the clarity of actions necessary to be congruent with that vision. When Dr. King spoke these words he may have had some ideas about how it would take place, however the how is far less important than the clarity on the “what” of your vision.  

Today, let us reflect on the various aspects and dimensions of this powerful speech and orator that serves as a model for what’s possible for our society and our businesses as we launch into 2021 with hope, clarity, will and grace.

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