Customer referrals are gold when it comes to building your business. Your customers know your products/services, your company, and your people. Any small business expert will tell you that if a customer thinks well enough of your business to refer you to a friend or family member, you have received the best sales referral possible.

The good news is that you can actually turn your customers into your best sales team.

How Do You Do It?

Building your customer sales team can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Build a relationship with each of your customers.
    People want to buy from people, not some faceless, nameless automaton. Even if you do most of your business online, you need to make sure that every communication you have with your customers is personal and focused on their needs. Offer clear communications. Enhance your customer service. Be flexible. Make them feel important. Maybe even have them be part of the family.
  2. Continue to innovate.
    You need to offer your customers the products and services that address their particular pain points. Even if you have a solution, continue innovating and finding new solutions. Look for new pain points to address. By offering more solutions and better products/services, you will gain your customer’s continued patronage and strengthen the relationship you have developed.
  3. Wow them.
    You need to have the mindset that you and your team will do whatever it takes to get the job done. That is key to move from satisfying your customers to wowing them. Wowing your customers means having them go “Wow, no one has ever done THAT before!” Offer your customers solutions, even if it means referring them to a competitor. You cannot be everything to everyone. But, you can be the company that wants to help the customer at all costs.Add personality to every interaction that your customer has with you. You are talking to a person, use his or her name. Treat every customer the same, no matter if they are your smallest or your largest.

This is not something that is going to happen in a day or even a week. It will take time to build the relationships and put things in place to make your customers want to join your sales team. But, it is time well spent.

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