Caring is what I do best. I care about people. I care about communities. And, I care about what healthy business can provide for both of those.

Today I see our business coaching firm as a vehicle for assisting the business community to run better businesses, create more jobs, get their own needs met and take good care of their team.

Once they accomplish this and have their needs met the next most natural thing for human beings is to be of service. This natural inclination creates an avenue to resolving our current civic and social concerns.

My specialities are business consulting, executive coaching and small business coaching.

Today, what I really want to rant about is how business owners are so casual about their numbers.

They’re not looking at them; they’re not understanding what they’re telling them; they’re not diving in. But there’s a wealth of information in your numbers.

For instance, we were looking at what is the average dollar sale in one of my clients businesses and we’ve got a graph that goes like this. And then there’s one that’s way up high two days in a row. If we can look at that and say “Who was that?”, “What did they buy?”, “When was the last time they bought?”, and “What else can you sell around what they actually bought”, then you have a marketing plan where we can go and get the highest margins and know who we need to be going after.

When you get an aberration like that then it’s like wow! But, if all you’re looking at is your P&L for the month, you don’t know what day; you don’t know who it was. You don’t even maybe look at your P&L.

I love the numbers because that directs what we need to be doing whether it’s marketing, whether it’s reducing cost, whether it’s getting a new strategic alliance, whether it’s a customer that we haven’t interacted with in a long time that we could go back to.

I mean it’s just like everything you need to know is in the numbers because the numbers tell the story and you need to know that story.

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With 14 years of experience in working with small and medium sized businesses to help them grow, Doug is committed to seeing business owners thrive. Business coaching is what drives Doug.

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