┬áIs there anything worse than “being sold” something? You know what I’m talking about. The hard sell. You know that the person in front of you is trying to sell you something, touting its benefits and expounding its virtues. And that person is not listening to what you are saying at all.

The truth is that people hate “being sold”, but they love to buy. If you are guilty of trying to “sell” your prospects, you need to change your approach by looking at the sales process as a buying process. It is a business growth strategy that will pay off with big dividends.

Orient your sales process around the buying process that your prospects use.

Ask open-ended questions that get your prospects talking. You need to get as much information as possible. Asking a question that allows the prospect to talk is the perfect way to accomplish this. Keep track of what they are saying and how it pertains to things you can help them with.

Delve deeper into the items they bring up. As the prospect is talking, grab on to the nuggets of information they throw you. “I am having trouble with Product X.” “What is going on with Product X?” Getting more from them gives you the information you need to sell your products or services to them.

Present solutions. Prospects are usually in the market for solutions, not necessarily specific products or services. For example, let’s say they are in the market for products to help them clear up adult acne. You present a solution that helps them clear up acne they currently have and that will help them keep future breakouts at bay. Instead of selling them a single product, you have introduced them to a line of products geared to their needs. That is a business growth strategy for any industry.

Get to the emotion behind the buying. Almost all buying is done with an underlying emotion. It may be a desire to look more beautiful. It may be frustration at an appliance that is no longer working. It may be a medical need that is causing pain or discomfort.

After you get the emotional response, your prospects are going to buy on their own. At that point, you only job is to help them through the details.


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