What business personality do you bring to work with you everyday? It is the personality you show to anyone you come into contact with during the day. Understanding what kind of business personality you have allows you to put the best business development strategies in place for your company. These strategies will leverage your strengths, manage your weaknesses, and help your company moving forward.

Which personality sounds closest to yours?

  • The dominant personality type is someone who focuses on the bottom line. They are task-oriented and outgoing. They prefer to lead, which shows in their preference for management and leadership positions. They are risk-takers and problem solvers. They are most often self-starters as well. At the pool, the dominant personality type would say “I’m going swimming. Follow me if you want.”
  • The inspiring personality type is the person who is people oriented. They are talkative, social, impulsive, emotional, and enthusiastic. They work very well in teams. They encourage and motivate others. They like flexibility in the workplace. At the pool, the inspiring personality type would say “Let’s all go swimming. Come on everyone.”
  • The supportive personality type is the service-oriented person on the team. They are people-oriented, yet reserved. They are stable, steady, even-tempered, and sympathetic to others. They listen very well. They are the best team players, while also being great at multi-tasking. At the pool, the supportive personality type would say “Can I get you a towel? Can I help you into the pool?”
  • The contemplative personality type is detail-oriented. They tend to be task-oriented and reserved. They are analytical and systematic about most things. They set high standards for themselves and expect others to do the same. They focus on the details better than any other personality type. At the pool, the contemplative personality type would be checking the pool rules andĀ the water temperature. They are the ones saying “The rules say you have to take a shower, did you take one?”

If you know your business personality, you will know your strengths and your weaknesses. With that information, you can be a stronger leader. You can build a team that balances out your strengths and weaknesses. It will allow you to communicate and manage more effectively. It will let you know what personal growth areas you need to work on.

Taking the time to get to know your business personality is one of the more effective business development strategies you can adopt. Find out your business personality today.

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