What’s the difference between a teacher, a business coach, and a mentor? That’s going to be our topic today. This is Jody Ann Johnson, with the 83rd episode of “Coffee with Jody”. And this is in honor of National Teacher Day, which happens this month of May.  

Teachers are arguably one of the most important members of our society. They help to shape our future leaders. A teacher who loves their subject and loves their students show that passion in such a way that it can make a positive impact on a student’s life for their entire life. And you think back on the teachers that made the biggest difference for you in school, you may think of some that were not so great, but the ones that really worked great had an excitement, a passion, and you knew that they cared about you, and all the other people in there in the class.

They say that the fact that you care about being a good teacher means you already are. Speaking of teachers yesterday, I was with a client and their team, and we were asking them to give us examples of people in their world at their previous jobs that made a difference for them. 

And I was taken back to when I was a nurse. And one of the people who made the biggest difference for me, she not only was a teacher. She was also a mentor and her name was Leigh. I would have done anything that she asked me to do because I knew how much she cared about me personally. She was extremely knowledgeable as a nurse. 

She was an emergency room nurse when I joined that ER, and she made a profound difference for me personally, because I was new and I was scared that I didn’t know enough. Thinking I might hurt someone because I didn’t know everything I needed to know.

Of course now I know you’re never going to know everything you need to know, but what she did was she not only shared her knowledge, she helped me build my confidence. Mentors can provide that kind of resource for people. They’re a sounding board. And if you’ve ever turned to someone, which I know I have many, many times for advice or for assistance and they provided it, they can be instrumental in helping you to make the right decisions about moving forward and providing opportunities. 

Probably one of the most important thing business coaches provide is best practices in this really fast paced, changing constantly, you know, moment by moment, certainly day by day economic landscape. A business coach can bring the innovations in marketing and sales and technology to help you to get grounded in those for your success. And they provide that sounding board to make key decisions about your team, about your strategy, about financial decisions that need to be made. And that structure of accountability is priceless.

We all kind of know what we need to do, but having the structure of somebody to answer to, and that sounding board for the tough decisions is priceless in business today. Some people may think of it as an unnecessary luxury. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

All of us need someone holding us accountable to do our best, to tell us what it is that we don’t want to know. Tell us what it is that we don’t want to see so that we can actually be our best selves. This month. We really are looking at celebrating the teachers that have made a difference for us, whether it was from grade school, high school, university. And even as my age, I’m still involved in learning of all different kinds.

I was actually speaking with someone this morning about learning a whole new set of coaching techniques and practices to bring to my clients. So the people whose shoulders we get to stand on, whether they’re teachers, mentors, or coaches are just priceless resources in our lives.

I invite you to acknowledge anybody that you can think of. Who’s come to mind. I’m thinking of Leigh, and now I’m scrambling to try to find her on LinkedIn or Facebook to be able to let her know just who she was for me.

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