A few decades ago, the best place to attract potential employees was in the ad section of the newspaper. With the advent of the Internet, that gradually switched to online job boards. Today, if you want to attract the best employees, you need to go further and find them where they are.

Where to Find the Best Employees

Small business experts offer updated recommendations on where to find potential employees:

  • LinkedIn is the professional networking social media spot. You can network with people in your industry. Job seekers often post their resumes and profiles there to attract potential employers. It lets you see who is actively participating in industry discussions and who is contributing new material, both of which is a good sign for any new hire.
  • Industry panels/lectures are another place to connect with potential job candidates. Many times, the people in the audience are those who have already worked in your industry or are interested in entering it. Taking time to meet and greet as many people as possible, including panel members.
  • Virtual career fairs have become a growing trend in many industries. It is a live online event where job seekers can speak or message with companies who are looking to hire. The job seekers come prepared with resumes and are often ready to interview through Skype or other online channels.
  • Networking events are good for both job seekers and potential employers. The perfect candidate for your team may be standing just across the room. If that perfect person is not in that room, someone in that room may know who would be a good fit. Plus, as a bonus, the more you network in your business community, the more business you are likely to attract.
  • Using social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are actually effective ways to attract job candidates. Your followers are already interested in your company and your industry. Let them know you have an open position available. You might be surprised at who knows who.

If you have one or more open positions, start venturing outside the job boards. You will find plenty of people who would be the perfect fit for your team. Click here now for more ideas to help your business thrive!

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