Who is the best salesperson in your company? The answer better be you, the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs not only have to be salespeople. You can only call yourself an entrepreneur if you are a salesperson. That is key to owning and growing a successful business.

As the business starts up

As an entrepreneur, you have to always be selling. Selling ideas, selling yourself, selling your product, selling your service. That is something that cannot let up, even when you bring other people into the company to fill sales roles.

The truth is that no one can ever sell your ideas as well as you can. This is especially true when your company is just starting up. No one has the same passion and heart as you, the entrepreneur. It is your passion and your heart that will make the difference in whether your company is a success or not.

Adding sales staff

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that a salesperson they bring into the organization will sell the company’s products or services as well as they do. While adding sales staff is a business growth strategy critical to success, it is not a guarantee of success.

Don’t make the mistake of giving the new salesperson just a brief overview of the company before dropping him into the deep end of the client pool. That person will start floundering and eventually start drowning, possibly taking a client or two with him. That is not a business growth strategy for success.

When you start bringing people in to do sales, you have to work with them until they can start taking on your passion and heart. That will take time. They need to understand what drives you and how you take that and use it to sell your brand.

The bottom line is that, no matter how many sales people you bring into the company, you are always going to be the head sales person.

How do you impart your passion and heart to your customers?

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