Have you noticed how many industries have been disrupted lately? Of course you have! Who hasn't noticed how Lyft and Uber have been decimating the Taxi industry, or noticed that AirBNB is changing the face of vacation rentals.

So many change are happening, so quickly! New innovations are coming out constantly. I just recently read an article about a new memory chip that was developed that will allow for the creation of a computer that can store, and instantly access 25 times the amount of all the data currently stored around the globe! One computer!

I'm bringing this up because, its absolutely critical that your business is built on a solid and stable foundation to be able to weather all the massive changes that are now a part of our everyday life.

There are 4 basic pillars of a stable and solid foundation. We call these pillars: Destination Mastery, Self Mastery, Delivery Mastery and Financial Mastery. If any of these pillars are weak, or worse yet, are missing, then your business will be unstable and can topple in the winds of change.

If you are one of my clients, then you have heard of this before, have probably even worked on completing some or many of the items on the checklist.

If you are not a client, you may not have heard of this concept before, so let me recommend that you complete the business health check, to get a sense of where your business stands.

The four pillars build the foundation, just like the foundation of building provides the stability to build the structure on, the foundation of your business provides the stability to build your business on to insure that it can grow and be stable.

Keep in mind that the growth of your business is defined by you. I've talked about that in previous blogs, but you are the one who gets to say what growth is for you. Maybe you want a nice, small, family business that provides for a nice living for you and your family that you can one day pass on to your children. Maybe you want to have a business that is the best in your industry inside of your local community so that you have standing and can make a bigger difference in the community. Maybe you want to dominate the world, and create a juggernaut business that takes your industry to new levels.

It doesn't matter what your goals are, you must have the foundation to support it, and that starts with mastering the four pillars: Destination, Self, Delivery and Financial.

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