This is Jody with the 52nd episode of coffee with Jody. Today I’m going to be talking with you about the shift that needs to happen from the information age to the creativity and imagination age. This session is actually being recorded on zoom, because I’m out in Colorado. I had gotten a call that my dad was rushed off to the hospital, so we flew out here and what’s important about that is that right now with this Pandemic everyone is having to adjust, pivot, make do, have things turn out, essentially make it all happen regardless of the circumstances.

And I think that that’s a very important segue into what I want to be covering today. We’re now in our eighth month of this pandemic and people have, gone from, okay, I see a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s only going to be till summer to, what in the world is going on here! It seems like it will never end.

This past weekend, I was watching some statistics on television that were illustrating how the wealth that has been created over the past decade has been wiped out for many people in just a couple of months, they’re saying that 237 million people have dropped into abject poverty globally, which is an income of $1.90 per day, many others becoming homeless. The inability to pay the rent or the electric bill and hunger is increasing moment by moment here in the States. The situation has become dire for many people.

Another very interesting statistic is that people who are knowledge workers have actually been able to maintain their salary and income for the most part. Whereas those that are not in those types of roles, who can’t do their work on zoom or virtually have just absolutely fallen off a cliff in terms of their ability to work and to make their ends meet.

As I was speaking with my coach this morning and he was saying we’re in the information age and how that gives us lots of flexibility as coaches. I remember reading Daniel Pink in one of his books talking about how we were already shifting from the information age into the imagination age and the creativity that goes along with that.

My thought as we were speaking was yes, and yet the exhaustion and the fear that many people are experiencing, that uncertainty and unsettledness, is keeping them from being able to be as imaginative and as creative as they could be if they were rested, and if they weren’t quite as frightened.

That thought brings me to one of the things that our team has been engaged in over the past several months. You’ve heard us talk quite a bit about our LEAN journey and the Two Second LEAN books by Paul Akers. Recently we engaged in the book Two Second LEAN Health and in the book, he recommends a book that he built his book on which is Eat, Move, Sleep by Tom Rath. Tom is one of the researchers and author of a number of the Gallup Organizations’ books, including Strength Based Leadership.

Why I bring this book up as we speak about exhaustion and fear and unsettledness, is that what we eat and how much physical activity we get and how much sleep we get, have a profound impact on our ability to think, to think critically and to think creatively. So as a team we’ve engaged in these recommendations. And I can tell you that just a little bit of exercise, staying away from any foods that are white, such as pasta, even though it’s such a great comfort food or the bread I love so much. Instead I’m sticking with the vegetables and lean meats and fish and so on.

Then getting a proper amount of sleep, he recommends 8 hours, and increasing our activity level to 7000 steps has gone a long way to being able to help those of us on our team who are dealing with some difficult circumstances. Now, with a death in the family, and a medical scare for another family member we’re able to do what we need to do because we’ve been supported by these practices.

So, the invitation is to really take a look, as unsettling, as difficult, as afraid, as exhausted as many of us are at engaging in better lifestyle habits, getting enough sleep, moving as much as possible and eating well, that will help us to get through all of this together.

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